AllSmiles is prohibited to indulge herself in certain earthly pleasures and that is effective until Sunday – All I can say is that I am enjoying every second of it!

It is also quite interesting to see how strict boundaries, touching Mazlow’s hierarchy of human needs, create some wonderful space for disobedience. Restriction create frustration which feeds disobedience – And sometimes that is what a Master needs to feel good early in the morning.

Disobedience creates a wonderful cat and mouse game that I really love, it is a type of prolonged foreplay on a mental level with both parties are testing each other. I could say that AllSmiles is trying hard to wiggle her way out of it, but this Master is strict.

AllSmiles have been mouthy blaming her frustration, trying to tell her master what to do etc, and I just love it – Her disobedience is charming and her provoking me in seductive ways makes me feel appreciated.

Disobediance is love to me….


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