This post isn’t about BDSM, it’s about something totally different. It’s about something that might affect you or someone you know in the BDSM community.

It’s about breast cancer.

Breast cancer is serious business because it can kill if it stays undetected and it’s very easy to get quite gloomy when writing a post like this, but I’m not going to be like that.

I’m gonna stay happy when writing about breast cancer.

Some of you might think that I’ve lost it, how can I stay happy when writing about such a serious subject?

Well, think about it – a lot of information campaigns on public health are built upon fear from the start. Then you add a scary message to it and people get scared shitless. When it comes to breast cancer then a lot of lives can be saved if people did regular self examinations, but when you’ve watched a regular scary campaign then you might get so scared that you don’t dare to check yourself. Denial and fear are strong forces that work together in a negative way.

Make no mistake about it, breast cancer is serious business – But the information that is the basis for saving lives doesn’t have to be presented in a gloomy way.

Rethink Breast Cancer has taken the lighthearted approach when spreading the word on how to carry out self examinations because the don’t want to scare people from doing it, they want to make if fun and engaging.

A great way to approach the subject in my opinion.

What do you think?