traintracksRight now I’m spending my time on a train to Stockholm, getting into a pony play mindset. I’m really looking forward to the workshop tonight organised by Pom Pom Parlour. It’s a great opportunity to learn something and to get an insight into something I’ve always admired but never done.

Doing a physical travel to learn something new is also a psychological travel as your mind is going somewhere were it hasn’t been before. It is also one of the aspects of BDSM that I find highly enjoyable – There is always something new to learn just around the corner.

I have said it before and I will say it again; I’ve learnt a lot about myself and other people through BDSM. I’ve met new interesting friends and I’ve had experiences I wouldn’t have even dreamt about 10 years ago

I have done a lot of travels due to my interest in BDSM and I’ve been rethinking my core value continuously – I’ve allowed myself to change and evolve without any doubts or fears.

BDSM can take you on a train ride, both physically and psychologically, the only thing you have to do is to allow yourself to start the journey.