My real life changes have affected how I am envisioning the future for our second life BDSM community Island of Pain.

IoP was never meant to be a commercial establishment – The idea has always been to run a self sufficient community where people with a common interest in BDSM could meet up to exchange knowledge, views and role play.

My personal opinion is that we have been very successful in this ambition as we have small and vibrant community that is making the IoP into what it is today.

There is one vision and ambition that haven’t been pursued hard enough, mostly based on how the power has been divided up until now. I have always envisioned a more community-driven IoP where a group of people are sharing and envisioning ideas that will push IoP into the future. A future that based on a community rather than the ideas of one or two individuals.

This is why I am changing how IoP is run – It will be run by a council instead of just me. One persons vision isn’t enough if IoP wants to evolve into what it can be. I see this as an infusion of new ideas and spirit and this is actually how I wanted things to be run from the start.

The Council will be embodied during the upcoming weeks and will consist of 4-6 people. We will also be more sensitive to opinion polls and information from the community itself. We want to create something you want, we want you all to create the Island of Pain.

What do you think – Should IoP be run by a council that have its ears to the ground, listening to the needs and wants of the community? Voice your opinions and ideas in the comments.


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