Yesterday was the final shopping day as we are going back home today. AllSmiles has been pouting all morning because she had to end her shopping frenzy.

Yesterday was a good day that gave us some insights into the London fetish scene. We went to Camden Market which is a good place with a lot of stores into corsets, fetish and goth – and be sure to bargain with the price.

We went on to a store called Breathless on King’s cross road where we spent a good 3 hours, but it was all worth it as AllSmiles bought a beautiful latex corset. We also had a really good chat with one of the fetish fashion designers about latex clothing design.

Right now we are packing our bags, being worried about if whips are accepted by the airport security or not.

I will link up things when I get back home as I’ve been doing all the London posts on my Iphone and which doesn’t allow me to do links at the moment.