Mia Rickfors - Emmanuelle's replacementThe Swedish actress Mia Rickfors, 53, took over after Sylvia Kristel in “Emmanuelle” films. Mia Rickfors (then: Nygren) replaced Sylvia Kristel in the fourth “Emmanuelle” film, after the main character had undergone plastic surgery.

She has a different picture of her late friend than the one shown in the media.

– People do not understand what an intelligent and sensitive person she was. It’s tough to be in the industry, says Mia Rickfors.

She used to get reports of Sylvia Kristel’s state through common acquaintances.

– But I have not had much contact with her since she was not feeling well.

Mia Rickfors continues:

– It was difficult to get along with her. It felt like you have to take liver pills as not to get stuck in the swamp of vodka… No, that was nasty of me. I am very sorry that she is gone. She was an incredibly exuberant and creative woman who deserved better roles.

Mia Rickfors was cast as Emmanuelle among 3000 applicants.

– I thought it was so funny because I was so nerdy. I thought, “God, how awesome, I’m going to be a sex symbol.”

The impact was huge but Mia Rickfors wanted to return to her old life – as quickly as possible.

– Some wants to be a diva and be seen. But not me.

Mia Rickfors continues with her life as a shop owner, in the swedish town Falun, together with her husband and five children.

Source: Aftonbladet