PrincessL88 (aka Mrs TeaPot), who is a friend of mine on Twitter, sent me some questions on Formspring, which I respectfully answered, and I thought I would share these in a post. If you want to ask us anything, feel free to use the Question box that we have on the right side. Be sure to have a look at PrincessL88’s personal blog as well, which has some really good writing, maybe not BDSM oriented but I know that PrincessL88 is a kinky buggar.

What will you be doing for New Year?

Have a good dinner, meat of course, and some nice tequilas. We had a really good time here and some enjoyable conversations.

What are your thoughts on body modification on yourself and on others?

It’s an art that pushes social boundaries as well. Piercings are common today and tattoos as well, body implants are on the extreme side of things if you enter the normative context of everyday life.
I admire people that do it, they are pioneers on what you can do with the human body and social acceptance and they push the boundaries for all of us. I have a few tattoos myself and that is the type of body modification that prefer to have performed on myself.

Do you enjoy giving/doing tasks in your kink relationships? Why?

I love giving tasks, but they have to add some sort of development for the submissive or myself, then I really get high on the result.

Do you believe in “no limits” slavery?

I do believe that some people are convinced that they have no limits, but it isn’t there in reality. It is what I sometimes call a BDSM romanticized concept, where the slave hand over all aspects including his/hers safety in terms of limits, but in reality survival instincts kick in and I don’t believe that there are many slaves in this world that would kill themselves if ordered to do so. This is an extreme example, but I always use it as a thought experiment to explain how far the definition “no limits” actually goes and very few would like things to go so far, which means that the concept of “no limits” doesn’t add up in reality.

Do you find people more attractive clothed, in lingerie or totally nude?

I have a soft spot for leather which is a fetish of mine, so I prefer some kind of leather on a persons body.

Do you like museums, galleries, theatre, etc?

I am a movie buff at heart that is my choice of poison, but I do enjoy paintings and modern photography as well.


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