The first month of the year has almost passed and there haven’t been too much posting going on here…

A new year has begun and we started that by adding some new areas to the Island of Pain. The first area that was added was the new Public Punishment area. This area is, as always, open to everyone to use. Public punishment has its perks; one of them being able to punish your submissive in front of a crowd. There is an exhibitionist streak in all of us and it can be a quite humiliating and arousing experience to your submissive.

Another are that has been added is the new dock. This area has a ship with some BDSM toys added to it and has been created with immersive roleplay in mind.

Island of Pain and its council has gradually straightened the theme which Island of Pain is built upon. We have built areas which are more geared towards 18th century roleplay. We are NOT strict about the roleplay – We don’t even interfere in that. Everyone is still allowed on the island, as long as you are considerate towards other people roleplaying. There are no specific clothing rule, come as you are but be considerate towards the roleplay and the settings.


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