Christmas has finally hit us, which is both good and bad.

The good part is being together with people you love and share a good meal. The bad part is all the stress that comes with it; Preparing the food, buying the gifts because that is what you have to do as an adult as Santa doesn’t really exist.

You feel torn apart trying to accommodate the needs that everyone has while you are hearing the illusive sound of Jingle Bells inside your head. A submissive’s nightmare you might think but I can tell you that it is a Dominant’s nightmare too, because we want to regain the control over the chaos that Christmas preparations tend to be and the built-in power exchange that exists in a BDSM relationship is gone out the window as soon as the Christmas stress kicks in, we are both equally stressed out and we both feel that everything is out of control.

Yet again, it is all worth it when we gather around the Christmas table together with the young ones, we have 3 of them, and everything settles. Everyone is chatting, laughing while the snow is falling silently outside our window accompanied by the dimmed lights and the flickering of the candle lights.

Then it hits you, the calmness that’s making it all worthwhile, the mental stillness that you feel when you look around the room, observing your family enjoying what you’ve accomplished and connecting through the shared experience that Christmas actually is.

The most interesting thing, when I write all this, is that preparing and experiencing Christmas is actually quite similar to a BDSM relationship, it is a lot of work but when the calmness hits you, then it’s all worth it.

We Wish you all a Merry Christmas…