Barbwire flogger from Jack's floggers

Here is a picture of the barbwire flogger that I got from Jack’s floggers. I would say that this type of flogger is for the more experienced submissive, as it has a really nasty sting to it. The tails are quite hard and the “barbwire knots” add to the pain.

The visuals of this flogger is quite intimidating and that is one thing that will keep your submissive in place, and your your authority of course…


EDIT 5th August 2018: Jack floggers reached out (see comments below) and clarified that the flails are made from leather and not plastic as wrongfully stated in the blog post above. The perception of the characteristics regarding the flails still remain 10 years later, they are not so flexible and have a plastic feel to them, even though they are made of leather.


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