Stoltz Sinatra Profile pictureIf you are on Google+ then you can find me there as Stoltz Sinatra. Feel free to add me as I am more active there than I am on my Facebook account.

One reason that I’m not overly active on Facebook is the fact that Facebook still continues to terminate profiles and groups connected to sexualities considered to be outside of the norm. According to Facebook this includes homosexuality and transexuality among other things.

I hope that Google is applying their “Don’t be evil” motto and allows people with alternative sexualities to discuss and share material on Google+

And yes, it’s me in the picture, so now I am outing myself in a way which has become necessary for a lot of reasons, transparency being one of them.

If you think that I look good, then let me know in the comments, a Dominant needs some ego stroking now and then. If you think that I’m ugly as a toilet door, then move along as I can’t do anything about my looks.