We have had two polls running on the blog for a couple of weeks. One was about erotic stories being published here and the other about what type of content we should publish.

The poll on erotic stories were a bit vague as few people voted, but it showed us a direction. It gave us the following result:

Should we offer erotica through the blog? Erotica is fiction, text, and may describe adult activities explicitly. Comments expanding on your vote are welcome.

  • Yes and content hosted directly on the blog. (50%, 5 Votes)
  • Yes but stories only as links, hosted elsewhere. (40%, 4 Votes)
  • No. (10%, 1 Votes)

We will listen to this and start publishing erotic stories here that are made by different people, or even better; If you have a story that you have written and you want to share it then feel free to send it to us. Do I need to say that the stories should involve BDSM?

Another poll that we had going was a poll about what type of content we should concentrate on. That poll gave us the following result:

What type of content would you like to see? (You can select up to three items)

  • More debate (5 Votes)
  • BDSM in media (5 Votes)
  • BDSM activism (8 Votes)
  • Interviews with other BDSM people (12 Votes)
  • Podcasts (audio) (6 Votes)
  • How-to articles (12 Votes)

This poll was very interesting to us and we would like to thank everyone that participated and we are already working on interviews and new How-to-articles. We were also gladly surprised to see that BDSM activism was something that people wanted to read more about. The discussion about my post regarding aftercare that was raging last week is something that also tells us that BDSM activism, among other things, is important.