My birthday cake that outed me to my friends
My birthday cake that outed me to my friends

I don’t like to sneak around with who I am, meaning that I like to tell people what and who I am which also includes my personal interests that affects my way of living. Of course BDSM is one of those things as it is a big part of my sexuality. It defines my relationships, what turns me on etc.

As everyone else within a kink, I am also faced with the “problem” regarding who I trust enough so I can tell. Ì have a selected few friends outside the curcuit that I have told, but I have some friends where I couldn’t judge what the reaction would be if I told them about me being involved in BDSM. So I came up with a subtle idea as I was turning 40 – I would out myself through my birthday cake.

It worked out very well and we had a 3 hour long conversation about what BDSM meant to me and how I practice it. One friend suspected it, as I had been hinting him before. But my other friend and his girlfriend didn’t know at all, but found it most interesting.

So a birthday cake can open some doors of honesty.


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