I believe that everyone has an equal right to express their sexuality in public spaces, but I also believe in consideration which something I have to show towards others as I cannot demand them to show me consideration just because I live and express my sexuality in an open and free society. This is based on expectations as the public don’t expect to see someone being hogtied or flogged in the middle of the town square, just as they don’t expect to see a grown up man or woman being led by a leash around the city centre.

I want to work against prejudgements which are mostly based on lack of knowledge. I want people to accept BDSM by increasing the common knowledge about it and I am convinced by shoving it up in peoples faces by provocation just creates a weak position. There might be people that get curious by a public provocation, but what are the people that don’t get curious thinking?

I want BDSM to be a natural part of the sexual landscape and I am looking forward to that day when I can walk with someone in a leash publicly in the town centre without being judged, but exposure through public play might create the opposite effect. There might be other ways to work against prejudgements as public provocative play doesn’t represent the consent, boundary discussions, aftercare or the strong bonds that exist between a Dominant and a submissive. An information meeting about BDSM might be more successful than a provocative public play.

I want to challenge peoples opinions, but I prefer to nudge them instead of pushing them. I prefer to to take them slightly beyond their limits of comfort rather than making them feel awkward.

BDSM is, to me a, way of living and I am given the right to live as I want as long as I show consideration towards other people that don’t share my way of living.

BDSM has been around for centuries, and maybe even longer,  and is still not totally accepted in the eye of the public and the modern man isn’t necessarily more enlightened and more willing to accept my way of living. Therefore I will choose my battles – I will fight at the right time, the right place and with the right strategy.

I will ask myself “Why would people accept me just because I am provoking them?” whenever it is necessary.

Information before provocation…


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