Sometimes the words “What the heck were they thinking?” go through your head. Then you try to do some reverse thinking to come up with a reason and you still draw a blank. As a last resort you try to go through the weirdest kinks you know and you still haven’t a slightest clue.

This is exactly what I did when I came across the pussyfoot. I don’t know if the manufacturer were thinking that some kinksters like feet and that they also like a good pussy – Let’s combine them both into one unit to increase our profits.

A good foot job might probably be very enjoyable, I honestly don’t know because I’ve never gotten around to getting one. I don’t mind a good pussy because that is very enjoyable, but I am not sure if the combination of them in one single toy does it for me. The product pictures actually scares me a bit.

Are you weird if you buy this toy? I don’t think so, each to their own as the saying goes.

Are you weird if you come up with the idea to manufacture this kind of contraption?

Hell yeah and what the heck were you thinking?

Source: Scary Sextoy Friday


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