Mikes’s Spikes is an interesting male chastity device that is both versatile and evil. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, which is not bad at all as I prefer things that combine function and  looks. My personal opinion is that Mike’s Spikes is pure eye candy compared to other male chastity devices on the market.

The price is on the lower end of scale, which is quite nice as good chastity devices tend to be quite expensive. Mike’s Spikes is sold by Stockroom and the price is 79 USD for a unit including a set of extra sharp spikes.

This what Stockroom writes about Mike’s Spikes:

”Unlike other spiked chastity devices, one of the unique features of Mike’s Spikes is that the spikes are fully removable and adjustable, which means you have full control over how many spikes to include or the distance the screws are inserted to adjust for your girth. The screws can also be loosened and the device worn as a spiked ball stretcher.”

The spikes are also used for traditional CBT and if you attach a padlock then you got a chastity device that is impossible to escape.

This little toy will keep your male submissive in his place and you will keep full control of his cock as long as he is wearing Mike’s Spikes.

Source: Stockroom