Caught in Latex

The selection of materials is very important for some BDSM practitioners, latex is such a material. I’m prefer leather because of its characteristics and smell. Other prefer latex for the same reasons, as it is a material that has a distinct smell and very special properties; It stays very close to the skin and provides you with a sensory experience.

This picture clearly shows the properties of latex has, but it is also very symbolic because it illustrates how the submissive can be stuck in the process.

Being mentally trapped within herself, waiting for the dominance that will unleash the potential that she possess. A wait that is constantly characterized by self-induced mental shackles that create unbearable limits. The red latex illustrates the barrier that the submissive must break through while her Dominant guides her along the way, so she can reach her full potential.

A clear picture in one way, but very symbolic in many ways.