I am active now and then in a Swedish BDSM forum and yesterday I bumped into a submissive male 19 years old, that in the forum claimed that he wanted to be kicked all over his body and that he had no limits. This guy could of course be emo playing the forum, but he is not the only one I have bumped into claiming to have no limits.

Being kicked all over is a kink to some people, but the thing that made me really react was the statement “I have no limits”.  My response to a statement like that is a simple question “Then it is ok that I crap in your mouth?” In almost every case I get a clean cut answer saying “No!”

Saying that you have no limits is, in my opinion, utterly bullshit – And a submissive claiming that, is a danger to themselves and to the dominant. First of all; It creates too much guesswork and believe me, everyone have limits.

Second of all, it tells me that you don’t have the required knowledge about yourself in order to engage in BDSM related activities.

Finally, you are putting yourself in a dangerous situation because sooner or later you will end up with a person crazy enough to take your word for it.

One thing that characterizes BDSM to me is the fact that there actually are limits which has to be established, discussed and then gradually be pushed. It doesn’t give you extra credits in my book if you tell me that you have no limits as a submissive. It doesn’t make you look cool as a submissive and it sure doesn’t make you into a good, stable and reliable submissive.

It’s just plain stupid and that is how you will look – Stupid…


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