Sundays are usually days off for most people, but we decided to be active instead, so we spent most of our Sunday participating in Midori’s flogging workhop in Copenhagen.

The event was organized by SMIL, which is a national Danish BDSM organization.

We started the day with a quick breakfast and the packing of my favorite floggers. Then we went to Copenhagen and it is always interesting to go by train with a suitcase full of floggers and as we travel across borders there is always a risk of having the customs inspecting your luggage. This isn’t common, fortunately enough, so we could carry out our travels in peace and quiet.

We arrived at SMIL’s premises after about two hours of traveling and found to our delight that there were some Swedes who were also going to also participate in the workshop. One of the great benefits of participating workshops, as I’ve said earlier, is that you get a chance to socialize with like-minded and interesting discussions will always arise on these occasions and after the obligatory small talk, it was finally time to start the workshop.

Midori Initiated the everything by asking if she could use someone in the audience for a demonstration and a female stepped up, volunteering for the task. Then began a demonstration that I probably will never forget as long as I live. Midori started off by using a flogger to make the air move around the woman, accompanied by soft and fluid motions, she embraced the woman with the movements around her without touching her. The level of energy was gradually increased and I was definitely affected by the display. There wasn’t any aggression expressed in what Midori did, there wasn’t any threat, which I’ve seen displayed in other floggings I’ve witnessed. Midori quickly created a symbiosis with the woman she used for the demonstration. She also did something which was the total opposite to what I’ve seen in many other floggings, she went in close to the person she flogged and she caressed the woman with the flogger, she gently touched her skin with it and by now the room was vibrating from the energy that was coming out from the performance. Midori then gently used the flogger on the face of the woman, who was slowly getting into a lucid head space. The rhythm increased, strokes on the back, intentional wrapping, strokes on the stomach and thighs while Midori was slowly increasing the force behind the blows. There were nothing else but a pure symbiosis being displayed as Midori took the reactions of the woman, interpreted them and then transformed them into actions which she performed as a conformation of that she was connecting. As the rhythm was lowered and increased back and forth, the power behind the blows became a crescendo until everything reached a climax and the woman drifted a away.

The room was thick with silence and I can say without any doubt that everyone was moved by the scene that took place before their eyes. I was emotionally moved and it moved me to the core. The beauty of it was one thing that struck me. It was a display that was balanced, it wasn’t done to show how good someone with a flogger can be – It was done to show how meditative and how emotional a flogging can and that anyone can achieve this as long as they put some thinking and effort behind their flogging, but most importantly – Courage. It takes a great deal of courage to expose yourself as a Dominant through that kind of flogging, which was something that Midori also pointed out, and I totally agree with her. How can I ask for courage from my submissive to expose her inner reaction if I don’t put myself on the line and this is a lesson I will carry with me. I was also utterly impressed by how quickly Midori managed to connect with this woman which is something that takes a great deal of experience to do. The other lesson I will always carry with me is how beautiful a flogging can be when you put all the elements together – The connection, the response to the reactions, fluidity of the movements and most importantly the balance, meaning that the beauty itself isn’t in advanced techniques. it’s all a matter of how you put things together and how you respond to the dynamics of the flogging.

Midori is a true professional, because it is so easy to feel intimidated after such a display because you know deep down that it might impossible to live up to the standards that were set by the initial display that she performed, but she managed without any problems to make all of us feel comfortable through fun and games and this tells me that Midori is a really good educator and that she approaches education with good people skills which are necessary when you teach subjects that can make people feel exposed.

Besides practicing figure 8’s, cowgirls and diagonals, we also had an interesting part when Midori showed us how important the design of the flogger was and how the choice of flogger was affected by your length, anatomy of your hands etc. Those lessons were really important to me, because it is so easy to hurt your wrist by having the wrong flogger in your hands while doing the wrong things from an ergonomically viewpoint.

Me and Snowpaw had a lot a fun and we learnt a lot, both of us – We also had a bunch of good laughs which is always priceless and as bratty as Snowpaw is as a sub; She took great pleasure in getting a sanctioned opportunity to swing the flogger on my back.

If you get the chance to participate in a Midori workshop, then take it as it is well worth it.

A big Thank You goes out from the bottom of my heart to Midori, as she made me approach flogging in a different way compared to how I’ve approached it before.


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