Now and then, mostly initiated by religious fanatics, the discussion around sexuality,  genes and the correlation between them pops up. I am sure that many of you that read this have probably heard questions from people that believes that there is a single event that has turned you into your kinkster.

The gay community has been subject to the same type of argumentation and the illusive gay gene has been in the spotlight a lot of times.

To me the matter is way more complex than a gene or a single event – There might not be a reason, it is just the way we are. I am a kinkster because I am…It is a simple as that.

The most prominent reason to why I don’t like sexuality being connected to specific events or genes is that it implies that “it can be fixed” –  If we only know the reasons to why people are gay, Dominants, Submissives or sadists then we can “fix” them.

Thank you very much, but I don’t want to get fixed as I am perfectly fine with who I am and what I like to do in regards to my sexuality

Maybe it is time that we try to identify the genes that turn some people into religious fanatics?



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