I’ve been looking around in Second Life for prisons, some are better than others. A lot of them have an emphasis on public play. Anyone can be a guard and a prisoner can expect to be abused by anyone. Other prisons were more clubs, with escorts, rather than a prison.

We’ve also learnt loads from the play we were trying to start in Suffer Street on the Island of Pain. The biggest lesson was that most dominants and submissives in Second Life are a bit cautious when it comes to breaking or put a tension in the relationship. They don’t want their submissives to be exposed to the risk of being abused by anyone in general – Which were the setting in Suffer Street.

We put our heads together and added a couple of keywords into the mix as well: immersive and convincing roleplay.

And out of the think tank process came the In For Life sim. This is a forgotten island run by a Supreme Judge with a distorted mindset targeted at re-establish the structures in our society as they once have been.

People hand in accusations and these are handled by the court and the accused might get sentenced or not. The punishments are harsh, as nobody has so far gotten a sentence below 50 online hours. Each prisoner also get an appointed guard which is usually the dominant that owns the prisoner.

There are a couple of reasons why we have constructed things this way. The harshness of the sentence is built on the fact that we want to create an immersive experience. It should be and feel like a sentence. The other thing is that neither the dominant or the prisoner can affect the sentence itself, and this is done to keep the element of surprise.

The idea regarding the appointed guard, came out of the fact that we didn’t want to affect an already established dominant/submissive relationship. You go into prison as a pair and the guard has to keep you busy. When the guard is not around the prisoner usually spend time in the cell or in the courtyard.

This also creates an experience that brings the dom/sub closer together as there are less distractions around them – All is concentrated around the structures imposed by the prison setting itself.

The longest sentence so far is the one carried out by Cloud Bracken – She has so far spent a whopping 182 online hours in the prison! Kudos to her for her stamina and patience.

Give us a visit, but watch out – The Supreme Judge is a mean bastard.


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