When I started Island of Pain, it was mainly as an extension of the BDSM Workshops that I did in Second Life.

My intention was to make people inside Second Life interested in RL BDSM to such an extent that their curiosity would make them take

the plunge and find the courage to try things out in real life.

Parts of that intention succeeded. Two of my best friends met through Second Life, went on to BDSM in real life and then moved together. I met some submissives in Second Life that became my submissives in real life and I met a lot of BDSM friends through Second Life as well.

But there was one big drawback with the BDSM scene in Second Life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the flourishing BDSM scene inside Second Life and I love all the people contributing to it, but a lot of people I’ve bumped into don’t do BDSM in real life. There is nothing wrong with that, I’m not an elitist – But roleplaying BDSM is not the same thing as doing BDSM in real life as some of the BDSM expressions in Second Life is a poor mirroring of the porn version of BDSM in real life.

This lead to that Island of Pain gradually changed to cover real life BDSM rather than being the bridge between Second Life and real life BDSM – And what a journey it has been so far.

We have written approximately 600 posts about almost everything that relates to BDSM and we’ve done podcasts as well as videos. Our forum is gradually growing and a lot of posts have created both interesting and controversial discussions.

So here I am writing about our birthday and I am looking back at our four years so far with a smile on my face as it has been hard work as well as fun at the same time.

I would like to send out a big Thank You to everyone that have contributed to make the journey pleasant, all our co-writers are the ones that I’m referring to.

An equally big Thank You should also sent to everyone that read the Island of Pain BDSM blog, I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.


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