The old and “famous” mental hygiene video with George Putnam makes me laugh, but as I start to think I suddenly realize that moralists still present their argumentation in the same manner – Almost 60 years later!

Extremes are argued against as some sort of moral decay, innocent activities are infused with fear and portrayed as a starting point for the path were you end up in moral ostracization from the rest of society.

It’s simply moral management by fear.

And when I look at how some extreme Christian groups and moralist organizations argue against sexualities like D/s or homosexuality, which are outside of the norm, then I just shake my head with one single thought in my mind:

Have things really changed?


And almost 60 years later you can still see the same thing being argued all over the world.


Can you spot the similarities between the arguments presented in the videos?

I can.

These are arguments presented by people who are afraid, people who cannot accept things which they don’t recognize as “normal”. These people expose their own judgemental behaviour in their arguments, they simply are moral cowards hiding inside a blown up feeling of being righteous.

And it all sucks, it really sucks when I realize that  some things haven’t changed in 60 years.


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