The Island of Pain blog has turned one year old, and I was so caught up in doing things yesterday so I actually forgot to post about it!

We started the Island of Pain blog as a bridge between real life and Second Life BDSM on the 22nd of february in 2008, as we wanted people in Second Life to become interested in BDSM outside the virtual environment and we wanted people in real life to become interested in the BDSM scene in Second Life.  The first post I ever did was about how hard it can be to come out within BDSM and how Second Life can be a helpful in that process.

I usually get frowned upon when I meet up with real life lifestylers and I tell them about the BDSM scene in Second Life and how vibrant it is. One general comment is that its not real BDSM. I always argue that this wrong.

Second Life bridges distances and communicates the psychological elements of BDSM really well. I can punish a submissive in Second Life in a way that creates the same emotional response as it would if I punished a submissive in real life. Second Life is not a replacement to real life BDSM, its an addition to it. Second Life is the equivalent to use a phone in a BDSM context and not all BDSM is about flogging or putting someone in restraints. Rules and regulations are equally effective and can easily be communicated through a phone or Second Life.

The opposing opinion I have is that if you are a Second Life dominant/submissive only, then you still have the same responsibility as a real life dominant/submissive. Read up on things, work carefully in small increments and don’t do mind play you cannot handle. Even tho Second Life has a cartoonish expression you have to remember that there is always a person behind the avatar you are playing with.

This is what we are trying to communicate through this blog and as well as trying to show how fun BDSM can be when done  in a safe, sane and consensual manner in real life. Everyone that have written p0sts on this blog are doing BDSM in both real life and in Second Life and are skilled submissives and dominants, which is a necessary thing when you want to have a good discussion around things regarding the matter that we are interested in – BDSM.

108 posts, 248 comments and 8500 unique visitors later and we are still going strong, in real life, in Second Life and on this blog.

I would like say a big thank you to everyone that have written a lot of interesting posts during our first year; Cloud Bracken, Catastrophe Scaggs, Allsmiles Sideshow etc. And everyone that have left comments with insights; Delicia Dreschler, Dane Gundersen, Diana Allendale and Lordsir Ninetails and everyone else that have contributed to keep the discussions going.

Thank you everyone and I hope to write an equally positive post when we turn two years old!


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