Sometimes I get people asking me how they can become a good Dominant. There is no easy answer to that question because there so many ways to exercise Dominance and it is all about how you want to be as a Dominant.

Take a look at this video and exchange the words teacher with Dominant and student, pupils with submissives.

This video is a metaphor for how a good Dominant could be like. It’s ok to strike fear into your submissives, if that is what both of you want.

I’m not that type of Dominant. I believe in being the guide for the submissive, I believe in establishing strong reactions and emotions. Then I want to take this emotions and turn them into something that both of you can process and reflect upon. If a submissive does a mistake, then it is important to do something with it to progress the level of submission. Sometimes I deliberately provoke mistakes to happen, but I always try to make into a learning experience if the purpose is to strengthen the submission.

Then of course, punishments might occur anyway – If it’s something that both I and the submissive find enjoyable.

The video explains what I mean in a very good way, but it might also be due to the fact that I was a teacher for a little more than 10 years.


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