This video clip is absolutely gorgeous. It’s about a female sex robot who develops her own free will and breaks out from the lab in which she was created.

The clip is such a turn on to me on multiple levels. First of all it is a kink dream of mine is to create the perfect female submissive robot through the usage of electroplay. My fascination with electroplay comes from old horror movies where electricity have been the creator of new life that can be controlled by its creator.

Well, not in all cases if you remember how things went down for Doctor Frankenstein.

Another source for inspiration that feeds my electroplay kink is the experiments carried out by Luigi Galvani, who discovered that muscles can be activated by adding external electricity to them.

So the Bionic video is a big turn on because it speaks to me on all the inspirational levels that relates to my electroplay kink. The model, Zahia Dehar, is visually stunning too, which is an added bonus.

Source: Alternative Mindsets