It turns out that one of our readers makes wonderful handmade collars that are discreet and perfect for everyday usage. This is Jessica Rabbits own words on why she started to make these collars:

I needed a discrete collar for every day use.  The eternity collars are nice, but that was still a bit too heavy and “collar-ish” for my needs.  So, my Dom allowed me to make my own (knowing that jewelry-making was my hobby).  I’ve received many compliments on my collar from people who have absolutely no idea what it is or what it signifies.  I can custom-make similar elegant collars from many different materials, with different types of clasps and even colors (aluminum and niobium jump rings can be colored). Additionally, my Dom is an expert at the art of Karada (rope bondage) and we are in the process of designing a chain mail Karada which can easily be worn under clothing for everyday use. I also plan to create matching cuffs which look like elegant bracelets as well as matching earrings.

Head over to Jessica’s website and have a look at her wonderful collars.