When it comes to BDSM-related toys, then I’m quite picky. I especially want the toy to be flexible and adaptable to all sorts of different needs. But I also want it to have a build quality so it actually lasts for a prolonged period of time – And it should have a visual appeal to it.

The design of the toy should be able to communicate a lot of things in order for me to get satisfied. To conclude it all; A nice toy and the way it looks can enhance a scene or the overall experience. Toys are basically an addition to your BDSM – Not a replacement for lack of things.

big1I stumbled across a really nice toy that has all the variables I mentioned above as it is made from stainless steel, you can put it together in different configurations and it looks quite intimidating.

Ballz is the name of the toy and it is basically stainless steel balls which you can put together in different ways with the help of different ball sizes, bits and pieces like handles etc. It is on the expensive side of the fence, but I believe the quality and the flexibility is definitely worth it.

I can imagine this toy being put to good use when comes to specific butt jobs.


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