I had a interesting conversation with “someone” a couple a days ago and realised something really important.

When I write my posts they are mostly about my opinions on certain matters or BDSM news etc. It’s been quite while since I actually wrote about my feelings in relation to BDSM sessions, play or “someone” that I have a relationship with.

Why things have turned out this way I don’t know, I guess that I’ve been a bit afraid of revealing myself as well as revealing the other. Maybe there’s a bit of fear involved in revealing your emotions, I don’t know. The whole conversation made me think about a lot of things.

It made me think about “someone” and about the journey we have started through our relationship, a journey that have been more intensified and in the middle of my thoughts “someone” asked me a question.

“Why don’t we write a journal about our journey?”

That made me think even more. A journal could be very interesting from an emotional point of view. There are of course a lot of other journals out there on the web written by people involved in D/s relationships and I don’t know if we will be any different from those – But does it really matter?

This is about our journey, our emotions – This is our journal.

“Someone” is very important to me as my submissive and as a my partner. She will get the honor of presenting herself in her own post and for now I guess our post will be in sync. This is something that might change as we progress further into the training of “someone”, as in every other relationships and especially BDSM related ones we might temporarily go out of sync.

BDSM is stirring up strong emotions, it is rocking your boat and your security – And it should be, otherwise it isn’t BDSM.



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