We have written about Pandora’s Chest before – A piece of BDSM equipment that is nicely hidden in your home until it is needed for the “right” purposes.

BedS & More does a really nice bed that has the same characteristics, it looks like a nice bed – Until you need it for more devious purposes. A couple of changes and it will be the centerpiece of your very own private dungeon. If you are already looking for a new bed then this might be the right alternative for you. I don’t know if it’s comfy to sleep in, but does it really matter?

This is what they write about their bed:

In a few minutes the bed can be configured into many different arrangements by changing adjustable parts and removable sections.

Sections of the bed are adjustable for more alternatives and don’t forget the old fashioned pillory! It’s easy to use any of the available accessories we provide. Included with the ‘Fantasy Bed’ you’ll get cuffs for ankles, wrists and thighs; chains that fix to multiple positions and a swing.


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