2011 has hit us and I am sitting here and pondering about what I am going to do with this year.

There’s so much to do and so little time. I am slowly in the process of “coming out” more in public when it comes to my sexuality which is, as you all know by now, geared towards. One of the reason for this is that we are a group of kinky people that have decided to form a BDSM-group in the south part of Sweden.

We will be a part of the Swedish organisation RFSU, which is an organisation that spreads information about sexual politics and sexualities that goes beyond the heteronorm. Our local group will spread information on a local level and educate authorities about important concepts that relates to BDSM, such as consent etc. This is what RFSU says on their own page:

“RFSU stands for condoms and other products, sexual information, advocacy, sexual policies, clinics, information provision in schools and much more. We are a non-profit organisation independent of party politics, the unions and religion that works for an open, positive view of sex and relationship issues. We believe that everyone is entitled to be what they want to be, to choose to live as they want and enjoy what they want. We are convinced that sex and relationships are important, both for the individual and society. We work locally, nationally and internationally.”

Personally I find this very important, as well as challenging, as BDSM isn’t defined as a sexuality in Swedish law which means lifestylers don’t have the same protection against discrimination as you would have if you are gay.

Me and Snowpaw will also work on the blog as usual and the blog is very close to my heart, so we will try to evolve it even more during 2011. Things can always get better and we would love to hear about your opinion on what we can do better.

Our BDSM information project in Second Life is getting more firm in its form and we are playing with the stories written by Marquis De Sade at the moment. If you are in Second Life, then feel free to visit Island of Pain which is our place.

Finally I wish  that all of you will have a wonderful 2011 in terms of BDSM – I am sure that it will turn out to be spanking good year.

I would also thank all our readers, because it’s you that keeps us going and we will return the love during 2011.