Youme is a game that is in its early stages, it isn’t ready yet as the beta tests will start mid 2010. It could be explained easily as Sims on steroids – But that isn’t exactly the whole truth. Youme is made up by characters that actually are real life people. They will carry out everything you tell them to do in real life as a part of the game.

This is what they write on their website:

Youme offers subscribers the ability to control real world characters. Each character is a person somewhere else in the world, the user gets to pick their character based on several demographic fields such as age, location, sex, height, weight and so fourth.

Users who subscribe to control a character are known as a ‘you’, whilst the users being controlled are named a ‘me’.

Beta launching mid 2010, so which are you?

Does this sound suspiciously like cyber D/s and I wonder if the company has this in mind or if they are totally unaware of the similarities?

I suspect that they are as the name of the company is DomsNetwork, not just a coincidence in my opinion. We’ll see how this develops, the concept sounds interesting as they are blurring the boundaries between a game and real life. If we look at the D/s aspect then there isn’t anything new. Cyber D/s is not an uncommon activity among people that are into BDSM. If it turns out that Youme works like an online dating service with some gaming frills for people into cyber D/s, then then it’s just a money making scheme.

Also keep in mind that their website contains no information about the company at all, which is also a bit suspicious to me and tend to make me think along the lines of a prank or a scam.

We’ll keep an eye on this with a keen interest.