Punishment might be an important part of your BDSM relationship and is something that can be used creatively, but how do you know when things have gone too far?

Last year I got that question from one of our readers which made me do a post about the subject, “A Question about punishment”.

The thing about punishment in BDSM is that it should feel like a punishment, the contradiction is that, looking at it from a larger perspective, it should still be a part of something that is enjoyable. The punishment itself might not be enjoyable, but the context in which it is delivered should always be.

This, to my opinion, one of the hardest things to deal with when you are new to BDSM and common questions are revolving around boundaries and have the courage to deal with punishments, both on the Dominant side of things as well as on the submissive side.

Luna KM, over at Submissive Guide, has done a really interesting video in which she talks about how to judge if punishment within in your BDSM might have gone too far and I think it is something everyone should look at, no matter if you are a Dominant or a submissive.

Source: Submissive Guide


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