We are participating in the yearly voting contest over at bondageawards.com. We are as usual participating in the Best Free Website category and we would like to have your vote if you enjoy what we are doing.

Island of Pain exist for for a couple of reasons; we want to work against stereotyped images around the lifestyle and we do that through spreading information about BDSM. Another reason that Island of Pain exists is that we want to give useful information, based on our experience, to people that are curious but have never gotten around to doing anything related to BDSM. We are dedicated to all the different expressions that exists within in the vast world of BDSM.

You can vote for us one time each day in order for us to be nominated, so if you believe in what we are doing and that we are doing it in a good way then don’t wait – One vote each day in the Free Website category.

Give us your vote over at this page at Bondage Awards.


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