Sex BloggingA while ago I wrote about the blog The Beautiful Kind which is a sex blog that has been out there for quite some time, but was put on hold as the owner of the blog has lost her job because of her blogging.

I’m happy to announce that the freedom of blogging has prevailed – TBK is back online and it’s a good blog. The owner is unfortunately still out of a job.

Feel free to give her some attention love, she writes some pretty good stuff about her own sexuality and human sexuality in general. In other words, it’s a good read and by visiting her you will also support the freedom to blog about ones personal sex life without having the corporate culture slamming down on you.

Feel free to make her blog an active place by leaving a comment or two. There are a lot of blogs out there that are driven by a burning personal interest without the ambition to earn big bucks by being commercial. Many blogs are driven by an interest to share your experiences in order to create knowledge, understanding and most important of all; An urge to express yourself. You have the possibility to tap into all of this when you access a blog – For free.

Appreciative comments, disagreements and opinions are like fuel to bloggers, it rejuvenates us, it create new ideas for things that we want to write about – It’s our blood and even the strongest heart need blood to keep on going.

This is why we blog and I am convinced that TBK blogs for this reason as well because it is a good blog with intimacy and a heart.

This is why you should always  leave a comment at every blog you read and find interesting – To keep the blood flowing.

Even if you think that you don’t have anything important to say, write. Write because your comment could be important to everyone else reading it.


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