This month I’m a contributing editor in Safeword Magazine as they have chosen to publish one of my opinions on whether submission is a gift.

Safeword Magazine is an ambitious initiative to make a magazine that truely reflects the lifestyle of BDSM and this is what the Editor-in-Chief, Leonore T. Rose writes about her magazine:

“My goal is to create an international venue for artisans in our communities to showcase our lifestyle and creativity in a positive light. I strongly encourage all of those with creative spirit and exhibitionist tendencies to submit your written, artistic, and musical talents to the world. I look forward to more issues…”

I would say, without a doubt, that she has succeeded in creating a very professional reflection of the BDSM community. Among the other contributing editors in this months issue is Lunakm who runs Submissive Guide, a wonderful site that holds a lot of information for both the aspiring Dominant and as well as the submissive.

Head over to Safeword Magazine to have a look.

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