pony_playI spent a big part of my Saturday in Stockholm, talking to Rebecca Wilcox and attending her lesson on Pony Play. The lesson was really good and I am convinced that a lot of interesting things will happen in the Pony Play scene in Sweden.

I got a better insight into different types of ponies and how they approach Pony Play. The training aspect of Pony Play is quite a turn on to me, structure and discipline at its best – That made me smile inside. Rebecca is a star as well with an humble approach to Pony Play, but judging by the looks of her demo, I am convinced she can be quite strict during the training of a pony and it was a pleasure to see her work.

Talking to her and attending her lesson made me think a little bit more about how I perceive BDSM together with Pony Play.

We will dig deeper into Pony Play in a series of posts and be sure to keep an eye out for our next podcast which will be a feature cast on Pony Play.