LekloftetI have attended a party, as I mentioned in our first podcast. I went to Lunds Lekloft which took place during the past weekend.

This was the second time that Lunds Lekloft was arranged by Miss Anderson and Freds arme and I would say that they did a splendid job with the preparations!

The first party they arranged was probably a learning experience to them – and they have learnt a lot! The first party was a little so so in my personal opinion; The place felt too small, there were basically no places to sit, the music too loud and it was, for those reasons a little bit hard to socialize. No dungeon keepers were present and the amount of play rooms were not sufficient enough.

Those were my main complaints regarding the first party.

Well, I was proved wrong this time and what a party it was!

When we entered the party, then there was a projector playing BDSM videos on the wall next to the entrance door and the entrance itself was actually moved to the other side of the building which made the entrance area bigger. This gave us a feeling of more space – Good move.

There was a bed with latex sheets in the middle of the dance floor, which I initially believed to be a part of the upcoming performance, but it was actually placed there for public use. This was really a nice thing and the bed was well used through out the whole night by various people who were licking, fucking, touching or spanking each other – Definitely my cup of tea as I am an exhibitionist and a voyeur.

The scene that was performed by two people consisted of a medieval lord who had a message delivered to him by a fair maiden – And of course, he didn’t agree with what was said in the message, so he took out his anger on the fair maiden. Wax play, face slapping and a slight touch of rape play sure gets my juices flowing and the whole performance was well played out.

The back area was opened up this time for seating and there was some toys placed out in the area as well. This was really a welcome change as you could sit down and chat with your kinky friends while you were watching other people playing and it is something that I always find enjoyable.

There was the welcome addition of new play rooms, something that was necessary as there weren’t enough of them the first time this party was held. One thing that I would say is something of the trademark when it comes to Lunds Lekloft is the intimate feeling and lack of total privacy. Some of you might find that to be a drawback, but I find it to be a very good thing. The play rooms are in open spaces which means that there aren’t any doors that can be closed to keep people out. This makes most scenes going on available to everyone, which increases the participation and the inspiration – I always find it inspiring to watch other people play. Just a simple thing as a couple of chains thrown across a wooden beam in the ceiling, in an area where people usually just walk through, might draw a crowd and gives you an audience that you can interact with.

The music was toned down a bit this time and that made it possible to speak in the play rooms this time around – Also a very welcome change.

The rules regarding uniform fetish and uniforms form WW2 were opened up and there were more uniforms around compared to the last time. There were also dungeon keepers around to keep an eye on things or support you if you needed any help.

This was a really good party and it was also noticeable in the atmosphere – There were more people playing and they went further than before. A good public fuck is always a proof of a good atmosphere.

The organisers of Lund Lekloft has learnt a lot from the first party and they have for sure made their homework and taken the party to a new height of perfection – Well done.

This is a party that you have to visit no matter what!


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