It has been decided – We have finally reached a decision on when we are going to broadcast our web radio live show.

The radio show will be on Fridays and it’s going to run biweekly for now, we need to do posts, podcast and play in between you know. Shows will be announced through posts but also in our calender which you can find on the right side of your screen.

The shows will be about an hour in length, but that might also be highly individual, if we have a good discussion going initiated by a caller then we might go beyond that hour.

We had a poll a while back where we asked for your preferences, not many threw a vote. Those that did used the opportunity to affect things and we did listen to the votes. So here is our brocasting day and hour.

Weekday: Friday, biweekly

Time: 21 GMT (4 pm New York, 1 pm PDT/PST, 10 pm CET)

Our first show will be on the air on Friday the 29th of January – More information about it will be posted later on today.