A word that is underestimated, but equally important as honesty and trust.

We tend to talk a lot about honesty and how important it is when you are into BDSM, we emphasize how important it is to establish trust between people who are playing together. But what about exposure, how often do we talk about exposing ourselves to our significant other?

Not very often…

I’m going to start now by exposing myself. I thrive on reactions…emotional responses that I’ve created. I enjoy the control that I have when I’m creating them. I use words, I move my whip and I apply a gentle touch. I pull on hair really hard and I tighten my grip around her neck to tell her that I’m here.

Everything is allowed to make her lose control.

I whisper in her ear to let her know that I will be there to catch her when she’s in a free fall, I shout to tell her that she should fall on her knees. I blindfold her so I can be her eyes and I growl “Listen to my voice” so I can tell her about the true beauty she posses.

I silence her voice to make her hear the truth, I close her eyes to make her open her eyes.

She reacts, tears are rolling down her face and her emotions are exposing her. I catch her every tear with my words “Who are you?….WHO ARE YOU?”

I expose myself as I reveal my emotions, I expose myself as I respond to everything that she does.

I expose myself…

She silently whispers “I am yours”.

We are tied together in a never-ending escalating dance of exposure. I have to expose myself to make her expose herself and in our exposure lies the emotional honesty, the intimacy we both are longing for, the truth.

Exposure, what an underestimated word…