Electroplay is to some the holy grail. Imagine being able to cum without anyone touching you or just by having your prostate stimulated by electricity, which is a practice known as electro milking.

Electroplay can both be pleasurable or painful, it’s all about how you want it to be.

Before going into Electroplay you need to consider a couple of things:

  • Is electricity a hard limit?
  • Does your sub suffer from a heart condition?
  • Is it something that we both find interesting and arousing?

These are the questions that you have to ask yourself before going into electroplay. If electricity is a hard limit, then don’t push that limit. On the other hand; it’s very common to have a fear of electricity as we are taught that it is dangerous.

If either the sub or the dominant have a heart condition, then I would say that electroplay is an absolute no no – It’s not worth the risk. It might be good to check up on your health before going into this area, just to be sure.

All dedicated electroplay devices are safe to use. They can sting like hell if you want to use them for pain. Alot of the erotic electroplay devices on the market have been developed from medical equipment and usage.

The Erostek 313 Power Unit

The Etek-312 unit, a favorite of mine, has smoother waveforms than the E-stim unit which is another brand on the market. The waveforms affects the sensation of the electricity in regards to intensity and sharpness.

The Etek also allows you, with the use of additional software, to create and upload your own waveforms. You can even share them with fellow dominants on the web. These are a few of the things that I found favorable when I decided to buy this unit.

The Etek-312 has two channels, which means that you can plug in two toys and assign different sensations to each channel, i.e different waveforms. You can, if you want to, hook up a pair of pads and place them on the buttocks and then hook up a vaginal or anal probe to the other channel and control each attachement individually.

You need to have specific attachments in order to have fun with your electroplay unit. These are simply devices that will create an electrical circuit which leads the current into your body affecting your nerve ends. The picture to the right shows a pair of pads that can be placed anywhere on the body, but as a good safety measure, never above the waist. Attachments are usually Unipolar or Bipolar. Pads are unipolar in most cases which means that you have to place them out in pairs to create a circuit between them.

Electroplay Pads

The current flows between the pads across the area between them. A critical success factor when using pads is the placement. Some knowledge of the muscular structure of the body is necessary to make the most of them.

Anal or vaginal inserts are usually bipolar. The vaginal insert to the left is a bipolar one, which means that this attachment can be used on its own. There are contact surfaces on each side of the vaginal insert that ensures a flow of current, creating a stimulation of the vaginal muscles. The electric current contracts or relaxes the muscles. The different programs on the E-312 unit create different sensations with different intensities. You need to experiment with the different programs to find the one that is the most suitable for you and your partner.

As some attachments are unipolar, they need to be used together with another toy to create a closed circuit. There are some interesting aspects with this type of setup – You could hook up a vaginal and an anal attachment together to create a flow of current between the vagina and the anal area.

It’s important to remember to connect the attachments properly, as a wrongful configuration can be quite painful. Electricity goes through your muscles and causing them to cramp up, which can be very painful for quite a while.

A bipolar vaginal attachement for electroplay.

I often use attachments and a pair of pads in order to create sensations between different areas. The main purpose when I use electroplay is to create an added sensation rather than pain. You can  use the unit for correctional purposes, but I would say that the programs included are not designed for this. If you are looking for a unit that is portable and that can be used in public spaces, then I would recommend the E-302R, a smaller, but less flexible remote controlled unit.

An anal attachement for electroplay.

Electroplay is interesting from a dominant side, as there are no outward signs that will give away the game away to your submissive, increasing the anticipation. Usually when you inflict pain through impact play, it’s possible to read the dominant, and prepare yourself for what is coming. You are able to notice the movement of an arm, and when blindfolded you can sense the movement of air before being struck with a flogger. Electroplay takes away a lot of the ability to build up the anticipation, as you can affect someone just by flicking a switch. This helps the dominant to create a new level of uncertainty. You can also create involuntary movements if you place the pads and attachments correctly.

When you play with electroplay, the person on the receiving end usually goes numb after being subjected to electrical stimulation for a while. To counteract this you have to crank up the power. This is also dependent on which program you are using.

Electroplay has the potential to be used in a lot of play settings, but it does require knowledge and experience to get the most out of it, and you can only get that by playing around with it.

Be sure to play safe and follow the basic guidelines.

When done right, electroplay opens up a world of new possibilities of automated human limbs and intense interrogation scenes which will make light bulbs flicker.