Nipple CylindersSuction play is very interesting and the effect of it is a heightened sensation that can be used in a very efficient way to create good or even better orgasms. Nipple cylinders together with a handpump is an interesting option and I like the visuals of a pair of “poke you in the eyes” stiff nipples.

What goes together with my enjoyment of toys like this, is a hard limit. I’m not into body modification, so I don’t like using toys that can cause permanent alterfication of your body parts. My other opinion around that is if you are into body modification, then you really need to know what you are doing. I really respect people that are into body suspension, body modification etc, due to the amount of knowledge of the human body that is needed to do safe play.

Temporary changes of body parts, that also might help to enhance the sexual sensation, that is totally ok with me and I think CAT is in for a sucking sensation sooner or later.


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