Yes it is approaching fast – Christmas bloody Christmas 🙂

The holiday we all love to hate but would not be without for anything in the world…

So if there were to be a black shiny PVC wrapped present with a great big bow in red leather under the three from you special kinky one what would you wish for? Please tell us in the comments and if you can give us the link for it.

I myself wish for the lovely Victorian riding jacket from Breathless – preferably in burgundy 🙂

The red glitter shoes, Pickford Red, from my main supplier Bananashoes seems to be the perfect christmas gift.

This cupless leather corsetwill be appricieated by more than me 🙂

Or this little cute leather dress

The perfect stocking? Martinique Textured Stocking

But the grand finale must be this leather ball dress which comes in all size and colors.



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