Or, could one be submissive when you are a dominant?

The answer is of cause yes, since I am just that. There is of cause a bigger picture in which the question is what ever I am dominant or a sadist or both, or if I am just a bitch ๐Ÿ˜‰ I do not know if this post will give you, or me for that matter, an answer to that one…

For me it is all in the pairing up. How I am as a Sub is of cause built in to my personality but how it shows itself is relative to the man I am submissive to. He forms and shapes me, plays me, leads me and once and awhile drives me crazy. But foremost he challenges me in to be the strongest I can be. The pairing up is for me essential – if I and the Dom have fundamental different views on how to go about submission and dominance we will never reach a fulfilling result. There are all sorts and you just need to find the one who will match you – it does takes two to tango, and it helps if one of you does not try to do the mambo… ๐Ÿ™‚

So, I do not really know if I need to go on further explaining myself here but… For me submission comes out of pairing up with someone who are dominant to me by nature rather than rules. I need to feel submissive instinctively and not based on play or forced rules. If I feel dominant to the man I go switch… So I just need to find a man strong minded enough to challenge me. A dominant who just wants me to fall to the ground and say ‘Yes, Master’ as soon as he enters the room will find himself in big trouble. And for me a dominant who does not find the fight thrilling and the victory over a strong woman rewarding are not a dominant – he is a suppressor, a small man hiding behind a role. I can not be bothered with such a man, I could give him a good whipping or so, just to show him his right place though… but I will never spoil the gift of my submission on him. He would frankly not understand the gift given to him.

Role play and forced rules are of cause a good way to reach submission but they need to be played out by a dominant who are on top so to say, otherwise I will never respect the rules. I am sure that me and my Master will reach the point were I fall to the ground and say what ever he wants to be greeted with, but not by force, by me being rewarding and thankful for his gift of care, love and evolvement, and his appreciating the gift of me. Master Stoltz will have his work cut out for him to take me to that point though – and I know he will enjoy every step of it, even the times when I break his whip into two.. me being a switch and all ๐Ÿ˜‰

/Frรถken – with 22 minutes to go… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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