So now I am lost for words! Just red a blog from a 18 year old schoolgirl calling her self slave to a 30 year old man. This blog would be the perfect example on how to not go about submission! ( if you read Swedish: )

Reading her blog about how he pulls the hair from her pussy with a pair of big plyers, lump by lump and then smears toothpaste on to the fresh wounds as she forgets to say thank you master as she lays crying and bound makes me wishing for a law forbidding children in their teens and still in school to be used in any BDSM context!

The blog continues with the telling on how the “slave girl” gets fucked by her masters dog while master himself sits and eat his dinner. The girl has to clean the remains of this rape up from the floor and then are allowed to have her dinner in the dogs bowl.

This man has in my mind no right to call himself master! He is an abuser and nothing else!

…an hour later… Well, having calmed myself down a bit and reviewing the blog again, I think that there is a possibility that it is written by a man living out his fantasies… but I still think that the point on abuse and a certain level of life experience is to be made.

BDSM is not for everyone I say and it is certainly not a child’s game, you need a great deal of insight into yourself and how you interact with others. One need to know where ones reactions and freights come from and how to handle them in the best manner. BDSM is to test and tempt yourself and your limits, doing so without the proper awareness about yourself can even be harmful to your psyche and can cause irrepairable damages.

You also need to be strong and believe in your own value otherwise you can find yourself in the hands of an abuser using BDSM as a cover for his/hers own shortcomings and become quite badly treated.

If you are new to BDSM read up on the importance of safety word, an equal balance of power in the relationship even though one of you are dominant within the session. Also make it a rule to discuss rules, boundaries, hard and soft limits, and how to best make sure to bring each other down after a session. These simple things are a must to do and should in no extent be overlooked as they are a safety for the both of you.
If you are new to this and unsure on how to go about it Second Life can be a good ground to test it out, but I will still like to issue a warning on the dangers of taking virtual experiences for real and thinking that real life will play out in the same way. Second Life offers a safe ground but also a bit of padding around the impact of the experience. If you know what I mean 🙂

Being submissive and standing though through sessions are not easy and you are playing a quite challenging game were your mind is at stake, please make sure that you have what it takes so you do not end up in the wrong hands.

BDSM is in every sense love but sometimes can be a hunting ground for abusers and as a Sub you need to be aware.

/Fr̦ken Рwho got upset by seeing somethig so beautiful getting so ugly


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