Thank God – I did not light up like a christmas tree!

I was worried there for awhile I can tell you. Electroplay was a big no-no when Herr Stoltz put it up for discussion. Not that I in any way think that he would put me in to any kind of harm (not counting 2 hour whipping sessions 😉  ) But electricity is simply not for play, is it?!

Having said that there is not a challenge that I am not willing to test or at least push towards, so… off we went to explore the magical world of electroplay *shivers*

So there I was at one minute happily playing with the lovely floggers from Jack and the next, almost as by surprise, I got my hand shocked by a metal dildo! Ouch! That (pardon my french) bitch of a sales lady shocked me good and then had the nerve to say that I would find it pleasuresome to put that up my *bliiiip*.

Quite frankly I do not think that she has ever tested their own product, not in the way intended anyway. What she put in my hand was pure torture and had nothing to do with sexual stimulation I can tell you! And I am a masochist… but in no way would I put that into any part of my body.

Knowing Herr Stoltz you can imagine that that was not it. So the next day we tested out the much more well put together electroplay box from ErosTek and got an even more so well put together presentation from the man at Fettered Pleasures. And let me tell you that this gay man knew more about what would be pleasurable for a woman then that shocking bitch from the day before…!!!

Back home I can tell you that I was not in any way excited to be hooked up to electricity with that shock in mind but I also knew from the presentation of the box we got that that one might actually turn out to be a pleasure – and pleasure I am up for, as strange as a pleasure it is.

So, how was the experience of sexual electro stimulation? Surprising, strange and quite nice I would say. The box goes from 0 to 99 in power output and I would say that I did not feel any thing until level 13-15 and it had to get up to around 30 to give any real sensation. With some programs 30 was what I could take, with others 55 was needed to reach any results. So in short depending on what program, part of the body (never above the waist) and if you use patches or a probe you get totally different sensations. You must test this out carefully and also read up on how to use electroplay and what the dangers are with electricity. The numbers mentioned here are relative to me and one session only and are only a description of my experience and not to be taken as a recommendation. I will expect the sensations of stimulation vs pain will changed from time to time as your tolerance to pain does from whipping session to whipping session. I would even not say that electroplay should be used in a BDSM context, only as a sexual stimulation.

Using patches put to the outer parts of the vagina the sensation was stroking and pulling with some combination of programs and with one even hysterically ticklish and I laugh my head off! With the patches put to my buttocks I got involuntary pelvis movement (funny word that one…) which was quite amusing. With a probe inserted in the vagina the electrical pulses made my muscles contract as when I have an orgasm and after a while I got numb and that got us all the way up to 99, but I would not start at anything higher then 0 anyway – I was numb… With the smaller probe in the anal I got a experiences closer to the painful shock that I got from the lesser box. Here the electricity was painful even at lower levels around 14.

So did I cum? No. And I would be surprised if I ever will. The sensation is not strong enough, to reach muscle stimulation strong enough you hit such high levels that it becomes painful (and not in the good way) and that prevents the sexual stimulation. It just seems easier to use my fingers to get off… 🙂



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